Go on the road with Larry, a suicidal psychotherapist. Middle-aged and obese, divorced and estranged from his children, Larry lives in a garden apartment with no garden, in a city with a rotten core. He hears that his daughter is getting married and sets off across the country, ambivalently seeking restoration amid scraps of long-distance fatherhood. He encounters an amorous nursing home death cat, a serendipitous Rastafarian, a drunken Katrina refugee who just might be an incarnation of a Voodoo god, and a murderous mountaineer who teaches him how to let go. He reconnects with his daughter who is terrified of being herself except when she steps onto a tennis court. He’s transformed by a series of spiritual discoveries that proffer insight about life’s fundamental questions. Intersections takes unexpected turns on a journey from despair to re-enchantment, from loneliness to reconciliation, from the carnal to the transcendent and back again.

It’s the kind of book that Tom Robbins might’ve written if he was a shrink.

Intersections is now available on Amazon.

Keith R Wilson lives in Rochester, NY. He is also the author of Fate’s Janitors: Mopping up Madness at a Mental Health Clinic.

First Reactions to Intersections

…the Real Deal: a talented writer of sentence and scene, of sensory and emotional observation… [Intersections] dexterously walk[s] the line between comedy and tragedy, profundity and casual observation – and the narrative that emerges is engaging, enjoyable, and affective… comedic sensibility is spot-on; so many of these anecdotes and side characters are genuinely, marvelously entertaining! … a surfeit of story to be enjoyed in these pages… these pages are ripe with ambitious, original writing…

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